Preparing Your Toys & Games

Preparing Your TOYS & GAMES

1.  All electronic toys must be in working condition.

2. Toys must have working batteries

3. All pieces must be present and secured to toy using Ziploc bags and packing tape along closure area.  This prevents bags from being opened and pieces lost. If a toy losses its pieces, it will be pulled. No one wants to buy toys with missing pieces. Please think about how dissapointed your child would be if they got their new toy home and pieces were missing.

4.  Scotch tape will not ensure that your pieces stay together. We recommend packing tape. If packing tape is not sticking, you may try masking tape.

5.  Once all pieces are secured in a Ziploc bag attach pieces to toy using packing tape.

6.  No recalled toys will be accepted.  Please check to see if your toy is recalled.

7.  Toys must be clean.  Toys that are presented well, sell well!

8.  Outside toys sale well as long as they are clean.

1.  All tags should be attached by using packaging tape.


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