Preparing Your Nursery Items, Equipment & Bedding


1.  All infant and children's bedding must be CLEAN, free of stains, pet hair and odors. Please use large safety pins to secure bedding onto strong hangers.  Pin items to one another so that all pieces can be viewed. It you have a lamp, hamper or a piece that can not be attached to the hanger, please label the bedding with a note that states what is included and we will place those items near your bedding. (ex. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3)

2.  All monitors, mobiles, cribs, safety gates or any other item with small parts, must be in a Ziploc bag and secured using packing tape.  Please make sure that all have working batteries if needed.

3.  Breast pumps must have all parts except tubing.  We cannot accept used tubing that comes into contact with breast milk. All pumps must be clean and well presented.

4.  All cribs must include hardware which should be secured in a Ziploc bag and taped to the crib frame so that the finish is not harmed. Remember, we can no longer accept drop down cribs or cribs manufactered BEFORE July 23,2010 . The new federal requirements issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission state new crib safety standards include improved structural enhancements that cannot be seen by just looking at the crib. Any crib manufactured before July 23, 2010 will not be compliant. The date that a crib was manufactured should be located on the crib, generally somewhere on the mattress board.
5.  Car seats will be accepted as long as they are less than 5 years old and have never been involved in an accident or recalled. Please check for recalled items.  Your item safety is your responsibility. Any items found to have a recall will be pulled from the sale.
6.  All tags should be attached by using packaging tape.  If packing tape will not stick to your items, you may use masking tape.

7. Large furniture items will be tagged at the sale. Please bring the tag with you at drop off and we will instruct you on what to do. Do not attach tag to furniture finish with tape.

8. Car seat cover, high chair cover and baby carriers should be pinned to a hanger.

9. Baby blankets should be placed in large ziplock bags.

10. Bibs and socks should be bagged.

11. Nipples should be removed from bottles. We are unable to accept used nipples or pacifiers.



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