1.  Go to tagging and inventory .

2.  Enter your items into your inventory. Be as descriptive as possible when describing your items. If an item loses it’s tag during the sale, we can match the lost tag to the untagged item if we have a tag with a detailed description. This helps us sale any of your items that may lose their tag during the sale.

3.  List brand name (i.e. Gymboree, Gap, etc.) on tag if applicable.

4.  If your item is new with or without tags be sure to state that on the tag. This helps make the item more marketable to the buyer.

5.  When entering your inventory into the computer software, you will be asked if you want your items to be discounted during the 1/2 off sale. If you chose “yes” and you have a colored printer a red dot, will automatically print on your tags. If you chose “yes” and DO NOT have a colored printer, your dot will print out black. If you want your items to be recognized on discount day, take a red marker and color over that black dot. It is essential that your item has a red dot on it so the buyer will know that it is included in the 1/2 items.
6. Discount or Donate: We recommend that you discount your items.  Getting something out of them is sometimes better that having lots of items to get back at pick up.  If you want to know what happens to your items if you chose to donate them after the sale check out the charities we support.  Your items will be given to local families or community programs in need.

7.  When you are finished, load white paper or white cardstock into your printer. Click on the “print tags” option.

8.  Once tags are printed and cut apart they should be matched to their item and attached using a safety pin and/or packaging tape. If you are unable to print your tags at home, please contact us for assistance.

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